3º Advertising & Marketing Design® is a full service agency with over 30 years experience in print, radio, television, marketing, digital media, public relations, media negotiation and placement.

3º Advertising & Marketing Design
® is a results oriented agency with the primary objective to increase revenue for our clients. We represent a diverse clientele of local, regional and national customers with many of our clients experiencing significant revenue increases.

3º Advertising & Marketing Design® specializes in all media and does not limit the client to any one type of advertising media but offers expertise in all media.



Developing an advertising action plan or campaign in support of client's marketing plan and objectives; and in the absence of a marketing plan, providing professional consultation to assist you in developing such a plan.

Investigating, recommending and contracting for media; endeavoring to purchase media at the most advantageous advertising rates available; and preparing cost schedules in conjunction with all proposals and recommendations.

Preparing creative concepts, copy and graphic design, and providing production services necessary to execute the specific print and publications activities called for in the approved campaign.

Preparing creative concepts, copy, direction and materials for all film, audio and video production necessary for executing the broadcast activities called for in the advertising campaign.

Analyzing digital presence to develop web identity targeting audience in real time through Digital Optimization, Audience Extension and GeoFencing services that create brand, image and awareness.

Forwarding required advertising materials with proper instructions to scheduled media; and checking tear sheets and affidavits for omission and faulty display or placement.

Providing client with the services of marketing communication specialists to assist you in the development of sales aids, training, display and other support material needed to comply with the objectives of your marketing plan.

Providing client with professional public relations counsel and services for those activities traditionally associated with communicating with your various public - media relations and story placement, news releases, special events, publications and brochures, informational films and other projects deemed appropriate to client's overall marketing objectives.

Engaging and supervising suppliers and their services on the client's behalf; and purchasing artwork, printing, engravings, type or other related materials of appropriate quality at competitive prices.

Obtaining releases, licenses and permits to authorize the use of photographs, copyright material, artwork, music or any other property or rights belonging to suppliers and used by the client in their advertising programs.

Auditing all invoices submitted by media and other suppliers of materials and services to identify and avoid paying for unnecessary or duplicated charges or taxes.